Helen Poon announced her intention to run for city council of Port Alberni in the 2018 civic election to continue her vibrant pursuits of bringing life and opportunity where most can’t see it.

Helen is one of the most fascinating people you will ever meet. Dissatisfied with the status quo and always pursuing a vision of “what could be” with absolute conviction and the grit and skills to back that up, Helen is just the type of talent that Port Alberni needs at this juncture of its history. 

Born and raised in Vancouver, Helen has long been seeking a diversity of perspectives and unique ways to contribute through her legal training in England and entrepreneurial ventures since a young age. In six short years, Helen has cemented herself in the Vancouver business community as a prominent player in the affordable housing arena. Helen’s determination and sense of community made her a natural – founding and managing affordable housing for Vancouver’s most vulnerable population. Helen has inspired and been inspired to seek opportunity where most would look the other way. Helen’s passions have led her in the affordable housing sector where few would dare venture.

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